Model F16-1800mm
Wingspan - 1190 mm
Length - 1738 mm
Wing area - 37.12 dm²
Reference area (S):  dm²
Reference length (lm):  mm
CG (16%):  mm
CG (8%):  mm
AC:  mm
Number of components - 626 pc
CNC cutting length - 224580 mm
Weight glued full - 680 gr
For 1x90mm EDF
Weapons set included:
AIM-9 - 355.7mm - 2pc
AIM-120 - 434.7mm - 2pc
CBU-87 - 276.6mm - 4pc
Tank - 513.8mm - 2pc
One parcel 510x500x270mm
Weight parcel 4000gr
Shipping is included in the price
Shipping to any country for 3-20 days

Manual Model F16-2200/1800mm zip-file 5.6Mb

Upgrade Manual Model F16-2200/1800mm zip-file 6.0Mb


219 EUR with shipping to Europe

For sending to other countries contact us