Model Northrop F5E/F - 2240
Wingspan - 1220mm
Length - 2240mm
Wing area -  37.6dm²
Reference area (S): 61.19dm²
Reference length (lm): 495.12mm
CG (16%):  1269.8mm
CG (8%):  1309.3mm
AC:  1350mm
Number of components -  517pc
CNC cutting length - 234850mm
Weight glued full - 840gr
For 2x96/100mm EDF
One parcel 500x470x210mm
Weight parcel  2000gr
Shipping is not included in the price
Shipping to any country for 3-20 days

Manual Northrop F5E/F - 2800/2240/17920 zip-file  Mb


   229 EUR + shipping

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