Model F14 Tomcat 2700
Wingspan - 2800/1690mm
Length - 2700mm
Wing area - 70.52dm²
Reference area (S): 211.92/170.40dm²
Reference length (lm): 234.2/323.3mm
CG (16%):  1630.5/1651.4mm
CG (8%):  1649.3/1677.3mm
AC:  1668.0/1703.1mm
Number of components - 1230pc
Number of weapons parts - 200pc
CNC cutting length - 486520 mm
Weight glued full - 2925gr
For 2x120mm EDF/JET
One parcel 780*610*420mm
Weight parcel 6850gr
Shipping is not included in the price
Shipping to any country for 3-20 days

- The kit includes a 3d model of the wing turning mechanism for you CNC router.
- The CAD/CAM files of the wing turning mechanism are not sold separately from the kit.
- The wing turning mechanism follows the internal structure of the fuselage.
- We recommend using reinforced servos HP200/400 Plus (for Large version), or their equivalents.
- You choose the servo rods yourself, based on your tasks.

Model F14 Tomcat 2732/2186/1750 zip-file  Mb


   399EUR + shipping

request shipping costs to other countries

The set includes weapons made in 1/7 scale
AIM-9 Sidewinder - 2pc
Length - 430μμ
Diameter - 18μμ
Wingspan - 40μμ
AIM-54 Phoenix - 2pc
Length - 570μμ
Diameter - 55μμ
Wingspan - 132μμ
GBU-12 - 4pc
Length - 467μμ
Diameter - 40μμ
GBU-31 - 2pc
Length - 543μμ
Diameter - 50μμ
Wingspan - 90μμ
Length - 357μμ
Diameter - 54μμ
External tank - 2pc
Length - 571μμ
Diameter - 80μμ
GBU-24 - 2pc
Length - 617μμ
Diameter - 53μμ
AIM-7 Sparrow - 2pc
Length - 530μμ
Diameter - 30μμ
Wingspan - 115μμ